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Management and Leadership Training

At Promise In People our primary goal is to help individuals evolve into great managers. Our three-stage approach to learning combines interactive face-to-face training, 1-2-1 management mentoring and access to our interactive online management community. These work together to embed learning and ensure you have the key skills to become an effective manager or leader.

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Online Management Community

The Promise In People online management community is the go-to place for savvy professionals who want to explore contemporary thinking and management ideas. Our interactive platform is led by our expert panel of people and management experts, bringing together managers from across different organisations, sectors and from across Europe. The community is designed so that members can discuss organisational issues and share contemporary solutions.

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People services

Whatever stage you are at in your professional life, your career is important. That is why we have developed a range of bite-sized tools to help you move along your chosen path.

Whether you are graduate seeking their first step on the ladder, thinking of a career change, going through a redundancy or you simply want to apply to university, Promise In People can help.

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It is a popular belief that people leave managers, not organisations. Of course businesses are made up of managers at all levels, so it is sometimes hard to separate the company from the people who run it. Yet most people can recall a time when a manager played a positive or detrimental role in their career.

How a manager leads has a huge impact on the business. The financial burden of ineffective leadership is significant and far outweighs the cost of investing in line management.

Promise In People provide progressive and pragmatic management training and organisational solutions for businesses across Europe. Through our 360 degree approach and our online management platform, we optimise and embed leadership behaviours by maximising the learning experience of managers and executives, creating high-performing and cost-effective businesses.

Nearly half of U.K. employees surveyed have left a job because of a line manager.
Source: Forbes (2018)

80% of staff turnover occurs as a result of poor hiring decisions by managers, significantly reducing a company’s bottom line.
Source: HBR (2017)

The top three constraints on management performance are a lack of time, support and autonomy.
Source: CIPD (2018)

Why Choose Promise In People?

We are cost effective

whilst never compromising on the quality of our output, our unique approach is designed to reduce your costs.

We think as well as do

combining premier research with a heavy dose of real-world pragmatism.

We understand business

and design creative but realistic solutions that are aligned to your core strategies.

We know what works

and so partner with you for the longer-term, combining 1-2-1 mentoring with an online management community platform.

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Promise In People helped us get really clear on our people strategy - making us more efficient and effective. Marie is both super strategic and super pragmatic, which was essential for our organisation.

- Charlotte Millar, Head of Training, NEON
Marie’s support and straightforward approach allowed me to secure a fantastic opportunity and to embed the learning in the workplace. This gave me the confidence to step outside of my comfort zone.

- Tara McKinley, Central Bank of Ireland
Marie’s programme was well-organised with great speakers and practical takeaways. I felt much better equipped for my career after completing it.

- Drew Cornies, Shell